Have you heard the one about the two-week half term?

It might sound like a cruel joke designed to bring working parents of the land out in a cold sweat and reaching for the vino but it’s actually happening.

Have you heard the one about the two-week half term?

In our neck of the woods (Sussex) the powers that be have taken it upon themselves to double the October half term break from one week to a fortnight long holiday. And I hate half term as it is.

No sooner had BB gone back to school after the summer holidays than she’s preparing to break up again – and I’m preparing to make working from home with kids work for a whole week more than I did this time last year.

Have you heard the one about the two-week half term?

The bright sparks at the council reckon the change will ‘help families access cheaper holidays’, which is fine – assuming you can not only afford to take time off work but also afford to go away.

I know school doesn’t exist as free childcare for parents but it’s hard enough finding employment to fit around the school day without them meddling with established holidays and having to work around that as well.

The kids aren’t actually getting more holiday – they’ve shaved a couple of days off the summer and Christmas breaks to make up for it – but sorting out childcare for a couple of days here and there is far more manageable than having to organise childcare for a whole extra week.

Have you heard the one about the two-week half term

What I don’t understand is why they didn’t extend the May half-term holiday instead, when there’s more chance of not only having nice weather closer to home but being able to afford to go somewhere to enjoy that nice weather other than a four-hour flight to the Canaries, which is the closest place you’re going to get any decent sun in October.

And what happens when the travel companies cotton onto the new term dates and whack their prices up accordingly, which is surely where it will lead?

That really will be a cruel joke.

If you’re reading this and counting your lucky stars you don’t live in Sussex then don’t be too hasty – Stoke on Trent city council is considering the extension too.

What do you think? Are you a working parent and do you struggle with childcare during the school holidays? Or do you aim to go away? Are you a teacher and would you welcome a two-week half term? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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