Sighing involuntarily, tucking tissues up your sleeves and cutting coupons out of magazines.

After realising I was doing all of the above without even thinking about it I wrote 10 signs you’re turning into your mother, and I’m afraid to report the situation is getting worse.

10 more signs you're turning into your mother


It was buying wine at the self-service checkout at the supermarket that did it. The assistant didn’t even look at me when he came to approve it – not even a glance.

Do I really look so far beyond the legal drinking age it’s not even worth looking at me to check? If so I blame pregnancy and the weird ways it changes your face, not to mention your body.

Added to the fact I’ve started watching Gardeners’ World and I found myself eyeing a shower cap in a shop the other day (it did have unicorns on it) it wouldn’t take me long to come up with 10 more ways I’m turning into my mother.

Luckily I’m not the only one. I asked some fellow bloggers for signs they’re turning into their mums and here’s what they said.

10 more signs you’re turning into your mother

1. You start ‘popping in’ to Marks and Spencer. “I said ‘ooh let’s just pop into M&S while we’re in town’ and my husband looked at me and burst out laughing,” says Nicola at Mummy to Dex

2. You only drink tea from ‘your’ mug. “I’ve spent months finding the perfect vessel for my tea. It needs to be mug sized but fine like a china tea cup,” says Sinead at Sinead Latham

3. You keep things ‘just in case’. “From packaging and labels to old magazines and lot of other really useless items, my mother is a full blown hoarder and it used to really annoy me that she wouldn’t throw things away but now I’m doing it too,” says Jennifer at My Mummy’s Pennies

4. You carry everything but the kitchen sink around in your handbag. “We used to give my mum a hard time about carrying a mega handbag full of ‘just in case’ items – two kids later that’s me,” says Laura at The Mamma Fairy

5. You become a weather watcher. “You get excited when it’s sunny because it means you can get your washing on the line dried,” says Emily at Emily and Indiana

6. You develop that look. “When my 20-month-old is doing something she shouldn’t she gets a *look* of disapproval. That’s when I know I’m turning into my mother!” says Sophia at Tattooed Tealady

7. You swap pop music for classical. “I never thought I’d see the day when I swapped Nirvana for Brahms!” says Louise at Pink Pear Bear

8. You tell fibs. “’Eat your crusts so your hair goes curly’, or ‘stop pulling that face, the wind will change and you’ll be stuck forever looking like that’ – not only sounding just like my mother but both blatant lies,” says Lauren at Scrapbook Blog

9. You suggest making things instead of buying them. “’I could make that’ was something mum always said whenever we asked for something and I find myself saying the same especially when it’s expensive!” says Deborah at Country Heart and Home

10. You’d rather stay in than go out. “A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go clubbing – I couldn’t think of anything worse and opted for a much preferred hot bath and early night instead!” says Emma at Our Fairytale Adventure

Are you in danger of turning into your mother? Are you guilty of any of the above? I’d love to know!

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