Push presents. The chances are you either know exactly what I’m talking about or you’ve got absolutely no idea.

A push present, for those who are wondering, is a gift a partner buys their other half after the birth of a child, for, well, pushing.

10 push present ideas for new mums

The idea might sound like a new one but it is actually traditional to give an eternity ring after the birth of a first child.

I got a box of chocolates when Littlest B was born owing to the fact it was Valentine’s Day and he’d already bought them but three kids and lots of pushing later I’m still waiting for a grand gesture like an eternity ring.

And I suspect I’ll be waiting for a long time. Am I alone in this? I asked some fellow bloggers whether push presents are a ‘thing’ and I was surprised at the response. It seems everyone is getting them!

I’ve written before about the best gifts for expectant mums, the perfect gift for new mums and the best gifts for c-section mums so today I’m bringing you 10 push present ideas for new mums.

10 push present ideas for new mums

1. An eternity ring. “My husband completely surprised me with a diamond eternity ring when our first baby was born. I had no idea he had bought me anything and I certainly didn’t expect it. He gave it to me when she was about an hour old. He kept up the tradition and has bought me a ring for each of our three children,” says Cathryn at Cardiff Mummy Says (I don’t know about you but I like the sound of Mr Cardiff Mummy Says!)

2. A designer handbag. “I had a mulberry bag for my first baby from hubby which I’d been wanting for years and years. Literally the best pressie ever!” says Kerry at Kerry Louise Norris

3. A nice watch. “I got a Tag Heuer a few weeks after my daughter was born. I had a c-section, and almost died, so I wanted a nice treat,” says Katy at Katy Kicker

4. Goats cheese. “It sounds weird but I’d missed soft cheese so much during pregnancy and I thought it was the sweetest gift!” says Jennifer at My Mummy’s Pennies

5. Take That tickets. “I’ve always wanted to see them and it was a great night!” says Jess at Mrs Hible (Love the sound of this one!)

6. A charm. “My husband buys me a Tiffany charm engraved with the baby’s name after each one (I have three). He even got me one for the baby we lost to miscarriage with their nickname engraved on. They are all fixed to a bracelet and I treasure it,” says Alina at We Made This Life

7. An iPad. “After he saw what I went through he gladly went and bought it!” says Clare at Mumsy Midwife

8. A radio. “My hubby (who’s not normally a gift buyer) bought me a Roberts DAB digital radio. It was so thoughtful, and I’ve used it all the time!” says Annie at Mama Willmot

9. A piece of art. “My partner bought back a painting I’d sold years earlier but always regretted and then surprised me with it. It was such a lovely thought and it really meant a lot to me!” says Natalie at Surviving Life’s Hurdles

10. A camera. “Sean bought me a new camera so we could capture our days with Florence. He knew I loved taking photographs and it was the best gift. I now have so many photos of our early days which are lovely to look back on,” says Ami at Ami Elizabeth

Did you get a push present when you became a mum? Or are you feeling decidedly hard done by like me?! Are you a dad and did you buy a push present for your other half? I’d love to hear!

This is a collaborative post.

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