Infacare review 5 (2)Bubble bath. Because neither of my babies have had sensitive or dry skin, it’s not something I’ve ever paid much attention to. I’ve tended to reach for whatever’s on offer at the supermarket: own label as a rule, a brand if it’s on offer.

There’s no doubt there’s a difference between the two – at home we usually opt for Asda’s Little Angels which is perfectly fine and smells nice, but when we go to my mum and dad’s my mum buys Johnson’s and I have to admit I do love the smell and feel of BB and Little B’s hair and skin afterwards, even though it is more expensive.

InfaCare isn’t a brand I’d come across until I was asked to review their ultra mild baby bath – although I was aware it existed I’d assumed it was for babies with skin needing special care because to me the name and label seem quite medically and the picture on the bottle seems a little old fashioned.

While it is pH balanced and specially formulated not to irritate, at the same time it is just a regular bubble bath for everyone. I’m not quite sure of the science behind it but it’s got long-lasting bubbles, something some of the other brands certainly don’t (not mentioning any names!)

I decided to put this to the test by running the kids’ bath at the start of tea-time, and was surprised to find that half an hour later there were as many bubbles as there were when I’d turned off the taps.

Infacare review 2 (2)

Infacare review 3 (2)

It smells lovely too – not so strong so that it leaves a residue or overly pungent perfume that takes away from the milky smell of Little B’s skin (excuse the pink towel, his Thomas one was in the wash), but strong enough to keep their hair smelling nice and skin soft into the next day.

Infacare review 4 (2)

I have to say I’ve been converted – next time I’m buying a brand I’ll reach for this one over the others. It costs £2.15 for 400ml in Boots but you can get it for £1.80 in Wilko (and probably somewhere inbetween in the supermarkets), and although we’ve been using it for two weeks we’re still only about half way down the bottle so it’s good value.

My verdict: 5/5 on all counts!

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