Kiddyum range main picAt last! I’ve finally found a solution to tea times when I’ve been working all day, my supply of homemade meals in the freezer has depleted and I haven’t had time to do any batch cooking. It’s fresh, healthy, (practically) home cooked and takes just five minutes to prepare: a supermarket ready meal.

That’s right, you did read correctly.

This week Little B and I visited the food theatre at Sainsbury’s HQ in London where we met mum-of-two Jayne Hynes (pictured), who has come up with a five-strong range of 100% healthy kids ready meals straight from the freezer.

They’re recipes she devised for her own children and so transparent is her approach she makes the exact recipes freely available for anyone who wants to cook them at home – there are no hidden extras, no preservatives or additives, just good, honest food. The meals don’t even come in plastic trays, but recyclable cardboard cartons instead.

It’s a bit like one of your mummy friends cooking dinner for your kids and bringing it round for you to heat up.

Kiddyum range

There’s no doubt there’s a gap in the market for this kind of thing and I can’t believe someone didn’t think of it earlier. It always amazes me that it’s still possible to have a ‘lightbulb’ moment and hit on an idea that hasn’t been done yet.

Jayne had been cooking these meals for her kids and their friends for years, and it was only when a friend pointed out a competition that Sainsbury’s was running to find new talent that she decided to enter and won.

Now her kitchen table creations – Kiddyum cheesy peasy pasta, cottage pie, chicken curry & rice, macaroni Bolognese and fish & veg pie (all £2.20) – are going into Sainsbury’s from August 9 and we can reap the benefit too.

Technically designed for one to four-year-olds, Little B loved his macaroni bolognese (also pictured) and I was amazed at how ‘normal’ it tasted, just like I had whipped it up myself, instead of having that fake sort of a taste prepared meals sometimes have.

Kiddyum launch main pic

We don’t usually do our main shop at Sainsbury’s but I will definitely be making a special trip to buy these. I’ve got no doubt they’ll turn into a god send for mums everywhere…

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