Milton review 1 (2)Having exclusively breastfed both BB and Little B I’ve never needed bottles on a daily basis so have never bothered with a proper steriliser (I’m afraid I’m not one of those people who sterilises everything – I only recently discovered doing knives and forks is a thing).

Until now my ‘steriliser’ has consisted of chucking a Milton tablet into my largest casserole dish and filling it with water (very technical). That was until BB came down with pneumonia and I turned into one of those people who wipes door handles and sterilises everything to avoid the dreaded germs.

Milton review 2 (2)

I know pneumonia isn’t contagious, but the cold that preceded it was and I really didn’t want Little B coming down with something. With BB on two types of antibiotics that need administering with a syringe I’ve been making sure they’re clean by sterilising them, but didn’t want to chuck them in with my breast pump or Little B’s bottles.

So it was timely when Milton got in touch to see if I’d like to review their Combi microwave and cold water steriliser. I’d always been put off having a dedicated steriliser as we haven’t got a large kitchen or lots of work top space but it’s a nice compact size so not too intrusive.

The steriliser holds five bottles, fits most bottle sizes and in most microwaves, and sterilises in just two minutes, with the bottles and paraphernalia (in our case medicine syringes) staying sterile for 24 hours.

You can either use it as I’ve been using my casserole dish by putting everything inside it in cold water with a tablet (really handy if you’re going away for the weekend and need to take one with you), or you can zap it in the microwave.

It’s got a purple lid (BB’s favourite colour, so top marks there) with a moulded handle making it easy to lift in and out of the microwave or move around the worktop if you’re cooking.

For £24.99 you get the steriliser itself, 28 sterilising tablets and some plastic tongs to take things in and out (this had never occurred to me – I’ve previously just stuck my hands in to hoik things out, therefore probably rendering the whole process pointless anyway). The kids are loving the tongs – they’ve become Little B’s new favourite toy!

Milton review 7 (2)

The only thing is, being plastic, I better make sure I don’t leave the steriliser on the hob where I tend to push my casserole dish steriliser when I need worktop space.

Otherwise things could get messy…

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