I’m talking about poo.

Not bright yellow breastfeedy poo that smells like vinegar and brings tears to the eyes, not weirdy poo with streaks of fluff they’ve sucked off a teddy bear and has you running to Google and not the first one they do on a potty. I’m talking about your poo. Or more specifically, childbirth poo.

Why does nobody talk about the 'P' word

Why does nobody talk about the ‘P’ word?

This week I had lunch with friends, one of whom is expecting her first baby and planning a home birth, and two of whom are already mums.

While discussing the pros and cons of a home birth one of my friends said the reason she wouldn’t do it is because there are certain things you’d rather forget, and she wouldn’t want her other half reminded every time he walked into the living room. Like sieves.

Why does nobody talk about the ‘P’ word?

We all knew she was referring to poo, but instead of talking about it we all laughed merrily, exchanged knowing looks and moved onto the next subject.

Why does nobody talk about the ‘P’ word?

We’re quite happy to talk about their poo and all manner of pregnancy-related horrors from hairs on our chins to the state of our foo-foos, but childbirth poo seems to be a no-go area.

According to midwife Clemmie Hooper the ‘majority’ of women poo during labour, yet all we ever do is allude to it.

Even at antenatal classes there’s plenty of talk of sieves with much nudging and smirking but nobody really talks about the ‘P’ word.

Why does nobody talking about the ‘P’ word? Thoughts please!

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