LEGO lunchbox and flaskIt’s been a week of reviews this week and I’ve saved the best until last. Feast your eyes on this: LEGO is branching into lunchbox territory and I’ve managed to get my hands on this pink little number complete with a lego man shaped drinking bottle. Isn’t he/she gorgeous?

They come in a rainbow of colours from hot pink to sky blue from and it’s such a clever – and simple – idea one wonders why the boffs at the lego factory didn’t think of it before. In fact a brand such as Lego, which would you believe it has existed in its present form since 1947, could easily have been left behind in the last century but with innovation such as this there’s no danger of that. Think lego brick but 100 times bigger.

And there’s real thinking behind the design, too. As well as being dishwasher safe, the screw top drinking bottle also unscrews at the bottom to make for easy cleaning (no chances of congealed orange squash or tomato soup becoming the pervading aroma as with flasks of old).

Of course I realise the range has been designed with children in mind and launched to coincide with the back-to-school season, but forget the kids: if I commuted to an office with a desk this would certainly be coming with me. And I bet students will be game too.