Ever been caught doing you-know-what by the kids?

Me neither, but plenty of parents have according to a poll by Channel Mum, who asked 2,000 mums and dads what they said when caught in a compromising position by their kids.

what to tell the kids

The thing is, what do you say?

‘I told her I was jumping on daddy’s belly’, ‘it’s a game adults play when trying to get to sleep’ and ‘we were tickling each other’ were among the sexcuses (LOVE that word!) revealed in the poll, which I won’t deny had me snorting with laughter.

what to tell the kids

‘Daddy was keeping me warm’, ‘we were playing bouncy castles’ and ‘we were trying to lift something heavy’ were among other gems.

Apparently being caught in the act has happened to one in five couples, so if you are ever caught doing you-know-what by the kids here’s the top 10 most common sexcuses according to Channel Mum’s poll.

The top 10 most common sexcuses

1. Cuddling
2. Play fighting
3. Tickling each other
4. Just moving in the bed
5. Trying to get out of bed
6. We were trying to make each other laugh
7. Playing a new sport
8. Having an argument
9. We were searching for magical treasure
10. We were playing horsey

I simply couldn’t resist asking some fellow bloggers if they’ve ever been caught doing you-know-what and the response was unusually muted (I smell a rat!) but a few brave souls came forward.

What to tell the kids if you get caught doing you-know-what

“Both walked in when they were supposed to be watching a movie,” says Claire at Our Mummy Life. “My husband shouted out ‘I’m just wrestling mummy’ to which my older son replied ‘don’t worry mummy, I’ll save you’. He proceeded to jump into our bed. Literally.”

what to tell the kids

“A friend (it’s true, I promise!) got caught in the act by their son. They told him Daddy was helping Mummy, who choking on something,” says Vikki at Family Travel With Ellie. “Puts a whole new spin on the Heimlich manoeuvre!”

“One of our friends (yes, it was definitely a friend!) was ‘helping’ her husband out one morning,” says Neelika at NelC3. “Their youngest son came in and the wife didn’t notice, so the dad had to push her off him and she landed on the floor and ended up with a big bruised bottom! I still poke fun of her to this day!”

Have you ever been caught doing you-know-what by the kids? What did you say? Do tell!

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