Warnings I would give my kid self 2Earlier this month Kirsty who blogs over at Something Crunchy Mummy charged me with the task of coming up with 10 warnings I would give my kid self.

It’s taken me a while and I’ve been quietly thinking about it for the last few weeks – her warnings made me laugh so I have a lot to live up to – but I’ve finally come up with a definitive list.

So here we are – 10 warnings I would give my kid self:

1. Toilets in DIY shop showrooms aren’t real toilets. Enough said.

2. After coming to an almost perfect stop on a skiing lesson, don’t decide to go on a little further. The mesh fence at the end of the ski slope will leave an imprint on your face. And it will hurt.

3. Being baptised aged seven is toe-curlingly embarrassing. Be prepared.

4. Don’t lock yourself in the toilet because you’re scared of a plastic spider at a sleepover. You’ll never live it down.

5. If you want to dye your hair bleach blonde don’t do it yourself. Get a professional to do it.

6. There’s no point taking a picture of a hairstyle you like into a hairdresser’s. No matter how great the hairdresser is, it will look nothing like that on you.

7. Choosing a confirmation name after a member of your favourite boy band is a bad idea – it will come back to haunt you. New Kids on the Block. That’s all I’m saying.

8. Don’t take the day off school when a member of another favourite boy band leaves. You’ll never live that down, either.

9. Injections aren’t really that bad. Some people have to have them every day.

10. The most popular people at school will probably turn out to be the least successful. So don’t worry about it.

I now nominate:

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Hope you can join in!

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