Do you remember the first time you took your baby swimming?

I took both BB and Little B swimming for the first time when they were fairly little – BB was around 12 weeks old and Little B was 11 weeks when I was asked to write a feature on whether baby swimming lessons are worth it for Mother & Baby magazine.

Making memories with Huggies Little Swimmers

But I’m ashamed to say, despite being born in water and living by the sea, it was a full four months before we managed to take Littlest B swimming for the first time.

The fact she was born in winter has a lot to do with it – it was just so chilly! – but there’s also the fact I was getting to grips with being a mum of three and time was in short supply.

So when HUGGIES® asked us to be ambassadors for their Little Swimmers® baby swimming nappies it was the perfect opportunity to introduce Littlest B to the water for the first time and make up for it.

Making memories with HUGGIES® Little Swimmers®

As luck would have it Littlest B’s first summer has been one of the hottest I can remember with a sweltering June and July, so while she didn’t experience the water as young as BB and Little B did we’ve more than made up for it now.

Here’s what we’ve been getting up to with HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® in the cutest baby swimming costume I’ve ever seen – I’d love to know what you think!

How old was your little one when you took them swimming for the first time? Do you use HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® and do you have any tips for taking babies swimming? I’d love to hear what they are!

We’re proud to be working with HUGGIES® as Little Swimmers® ambassadors. For more information, advice and top tips on taking your little one swimming visit

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