If you’re in the throes of potty training or will be soon this post is for you.

We’ve teamed up with baby gear brand Dreambaby to give away a step-up toilet topper worth £21.99!

toilet topper

As a mum of four who has been there, done it, and got the potty training t-shirt three times before I know that anything that helps make the whole process simpler and easier can only be a good thing.

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Dreambaby’s step-up toilet topper is designed to make potty training less of a chore by bridging the gap between a potty on the floor and a grown up loo, giving little ones the independence to climb on the toilet all by themselves.

toilet topper

First time mum me was one of *those* mums who carried a portable potty everywhere we went along with umpteen changes of clothes and lots of wet wipes.

Second time mum me tried (and failed) to potty train at all, because – as I discovered to my cost – you simply can’t potty train and child who doesn’t want to be potty trained. Instead, Max woke up one day and decided he wasn’t going to wear a nappy anymore and that was that. As a result, I vowed not to potty train ever again because if they’re ready you basically don’t need to, so why waste all the time and energy trying to teach them and dealing with accidents?

So third time mum me waited until Marigold was very obviously ready to potty train, and she got it so quickly we didn’t even need a potty – she went straight on the loo. Four times mum me was planning to do the same with Violet, but what I hadn’t bargained for was her showing signs of being ready to toilet train at 20 months.

toilet topper

Rather than ignore her cues I feel like we should act on them, so we’re very tentatively dipping our toe into potty training again – which is where Dreambaby and their step-up toilet topper comes in.

toilet topper

I’m determined not to use a potty, mainly because with four kids it’s the sort of thing that ends up getting knocked or kicked resulting in even more mess to clear up.

toilet topper

Dreambaby’s step-up toilet topper means Violet can climb onto the loo herself, and the child seat on top means she won’t fall down the loo once she’s got there!

toilet topper

It’s got slip-resistant floor and seat pads, it fits most loos, it’s got a splash guard to minimise mess and it folds away when not in use.

toilet topper

I also like the fact the frame means Violet’s not putting her hands on our toilet seat and coming into contact with germs when she’s sat on it, as she might with a regular potty training seat.

toilet topper

So, if you fancy getting your hands on one too, here’s how!

WIN a Dreambaby toilet topper worth £21.99!

toilet topper

We’ve teamed up with Dreambaby to give away one aqua step-up toilet topper worth £21.99. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is head over to Instagram, like and save my post featuring the step-up toilet topper (below), make sure you’re following both me @confessionsofacrummymummy and @dreambabysafety and tag someone you think would like to enter too.

The giveaway is open to UK residents only and closes at midnight on Friday 21 January 2022. You can enter as many times as you like and the winner will be picked at random and notified the next day. Good luck!

We were gifted the Dreambaby toilet topper featured in this post.

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