Hands up whose hair is in need of a bit of TLC after lockdown?

If you’re looking for ways to tame your tresses and get luscious locks in time for summer then this post is for you!

lockdown hair

I’ve got long (and very thick!) hair that was due a trim just as we went into the first lockdown, and as a result I’ve spent most of the last year with my hair in a mum bun owing to the fact there was little else I could do with it.

Now that lockdown restrictions are starting to ease and hairdressers are open again I’m keen to give my hair the attention it deserves – the question is: how? In this collaborative post with hair experts The Wimpole Clinic here are 5 simple ways to revive lockdown hair!

5 simple ways to revive lockdown hair

1. Drink lots of water

If your body is dehydrated then the chances are your skin and hair is dehydrated too. Experts recommend drinking six to eight glasses of fluid a day, and it doesn’t have to be just water – milk, tea and sugar-free drinks all count too.

lockdown hair

2. Give your scalp some TLC

You wouldn’t think twice about exfoliating and cleansing your face, and the same goes for your scalp. Give your scalp some tender loving care by investing in a scalp scrub which can reduce the irritation and dandruff caused by excess oil, clear dirt and dead skin cells and get rid of any build up of products you might have. You could also try infusing moisture into your roots with the help of tailored products like Kintsugi Awakening Mist.

lockdown hair

3. Seek professional help

If your hair is really getting you down and home treatments aren’t enough to restore it to its former glory there are a host of professional treatments available for a longer term solution. The Wimpole Clinic in London’s Harley Street are hair transplant and tricology specialists who know that for many of us our hair is our crowning glory. Services include PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, which is a non-surgical procedure to stimulate hair growth. Learn more here.

lockdown hair

4. Use a hair mask

Hair masks can help moisturise and nourish hair and they’re especially good for dry, damaged or frizzy hair – which is a problem for a lot of us after lockdown! Masks can not only improve the health of your scalp but boost the strength of your hair too, leaving it looking glossy and shiny afterwards. And the longer you can leave it, on the better.

lockdown hair

5. Ditch your straighteners

The bad news is that heat can damage all hair types, but the good news is that heat damage can be repaired. Use heated tools as little as possible for a month to give your hair a breather, and if you really must use styling tools make sure you use a heat protecting spray or cream first.

lockdown hair

Did your hair suffer during lockdown too? Have you managed to make it to a hair salon yet? I’d love to hear about your experience!

This post was written in collaboration with The Wimpole Clinic.

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