If you’re one of the 500,000 Brits who google ‘ski holiday’ each year this post is for you.

With Covid-19 restrictions relaxed for the first time in two years 1.5 million of us are expected to jet off on a ski holiday in 2022.

ski holiday

The chances are it’s also been a couple of years since most of us last booked a ski holiday, so it’s worth doing a bit of research to ensure you get the most out of the trip.

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Whether this is your first ski holiday or you’re a seasoned skier, in this collaborative post here are 5 things to consider before booking a ski holiday.

5 things to consider before booking a ski holiday

Ski passes

Lift passes can vary in price massively from resort to resort. Depending on your travel needs and preferences, you should be able to find deals and passes that not only save you money but most importantly make your travel experience easier and more entertaining. For example, if you are an experienced skier, you will probably need a ski pass that grants you access to pistes and ski resorts at higher altitudes than the location of your accommodation. It’s also worth thinking about where you’re travelling to, because passes at popular Alpine resorts are more expensive than prices at smaller, less popular resorts.

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Find out what type of ski slopes each resort offers

Make sure you find that out what type of skiers a particular resort targets. For example, it would be a shame to book ski holidays at ernalow.co.uk and end up not skiing as much as you’d wanted to because you didn’t read the information provided for that resort. If you have just started learning how to ski, a ski resort that has only a couple blue pistes won’t enable you to make the most of the experience. Similarly, if you’re an experienced skier, you will get bored in a beginner-friendly resort. Save yourself from such a trap by taking a look at the official site of the ski resort you’re interested in and finding out the number of ski runs and their distinction. You could also consider choosing a location where you can easily connect to neighbouring well-known resorts, for example Geneva to Morzine transfers.

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If this is your first ski holiday booking lessons for at least the first few days of your trip can help you get the most out of the experience. Most resorts offer both private and group ski lessons, which can be less costly if you’re on a budget. You could also consider booking one or two lessons at a dry ski slope in the UK before you go to help you gain confidence before your trip.

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What type of apres-ski is on offer?

As well as skiing and winter sports, the chances are you’ll also want to relax, socialise and meet locals. Most resorts have a wellness centre, but what else do they offer? Is there live music? How many bars and restaurants are there? Knowing what apres-ski experience you’re after will help you choose the best resort for you.

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It’s important to look into the safety measures that are taken by a ski resort in order to keep its visitors safe. Is there a hospital or a medical centre nearby? What about a pharmacy? What are you supposed to do if something bad happens while you are in the mountains? Is there a rescue team at the resort? First, know the answer to these questions, and then you can decide if a particular resort is worth your money or not.

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This is a collaborative post.

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