Top tips for winter feetA few weeks ago BB and I were invited to a sneak preview of next season’s Crocs where we were also treated to mini pedicures to match the new designs.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a pedicure in November before – I tend to spend most of the spring and summer in Birkenstocks, flip flops or sandals so I always thought I should give my feet a ‘rest’ with a few months nail polish-free in winter. But apparently there’s no need.

According to the lovely Metta from Nails by Mets, who did both mine & BB’s nails, there’s absolutely no reason to go polish-free if you look after your feet properly. While she was working her magic she shared some top tips for fabulous winter feet, which include:

1. Always use a base coat on your nails before adding colour. This protects the nail and if you do this first there’s no need to give your nails a rest from polish during winter because they haven’t been damaged in the first place.

2. Treat your feet as you would your face. This means exfoliate! I was recently sent a hand-held Cuplex skin file by Crawford Healthcare which is brilliant for removing dead skin, and I also have one of Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Express Pedis, which does the same thing but with a battery-operated rotating file (not as drastic as it sounds!)

3. Moisturise. Apparently moisturiser is just as important for your feet as it is for your face. Last summer I used Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Intense Serum, which at £6.99 for 30ml is quite pricey, but you only need a tiny bit and it’s so hydrating and smells gorgeous.

But since that ran out I’ve been using Cuplex cracked heel repair cream, which Crawford Healthcare also sent me to try out. Although I don’t have cracked heels they say prevention is better than cure and after a summer of walking round in bare feet – I always wear my Birkenstocks until the last possible moment – mine could certainly do with some TLC.

Top tips for winter feet 3

Because the box is quite medical-looking this isn’t a product I would have picked up of my own accord, but with aloe vera, jojoba and vitamin B5 to condition and nourish it’s got a great consistency and I do think it rivals Scholl’s offering. At £4.99 for 80ml it’s certainly better value.

So that’s my feet all set for winter – I love the nail art Metta created and will definitely be opting for it again!

I was sent samples of the Cuplex products for the purpose of review – as always all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience.