Struggling to find the right steam iron?

If you’re in the market for a new one you’ll know that there are so many steam irons available, it canΒ be hard to choose the right one.

best steam irons

Experts agree a steam iron is the best way to give clothes a professionally pressed look without breaking the bank. Steam also helps keep clothes wrinkle-free for longer, and a steam iron is great for heavy-duty items like curtains and bedding too.

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This collaborative post and steam iron review will answer all of your queries and help you decide which steam iron is best for you.

1.     Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W Vertical Steam Iron 20630

The Russell Hobbs Powersteam is an excellent alternative if you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice performance. It’s nearly as good as many steam irons for twice the price! It contains a vertical steam function that enables you to steam clothing while hanging. This additional feature is often only found in much more expensive machines. Additionally, it contains an anti-scale cartridge that prevents scale build up by dissolving it into miniscule fragments.

best steam irons

On the downside, the plastic casing of the Powersteam doesn’t feel very sturdy. It could also become tiresome if you normally iron large quantities because it needs refilling more frequently than other steam irons of comparable size.

2.     Tefal Ultimate Anti-Scale FV9788 Steam Iron

Due to its powerful 3000W, the Tefal FV9788 heats up rapidly. It generates a lot of power in a regular-sized iron, and boasts many extra features that make ironing a breeze. The Durilium soleplate from Tefal is perfect for problematic textiles that occasionally bunch up because it glides over clothing with virtually no resistance. The automatic steam feature optimises the quantity of steam released based on the temperature of your iron. The ergonomic steam trigger makes it simple to deliver a burst of steam without awkward fumbling.

best steam irons

Other useful features include a scale collector that eliminates chalky build up and a vertical steam setting, which makes it simple to handle hanging garments.

3.     Philips Azur Steam Iron

The Philips iron is a best-seller and has a modern appearance. With a 300ml water tank, it can steam continuously at 50g per minute. In addition, it has a 210g steam boost to remove creases from multiple layers and quickly handle heavier textiles.

best steam irons

It has a smooth gliding sole and an average 2600-watt power rating. Like the Tefal Ultimate Pure, it also has an integrated calcium bottle that prevents scale from forming. It takes 15 seconds to rinse the build up because the container is detachable. Clipping it in and out is simple.

4.     Bosch Sensixx’x TDA3022GB

This steam iron is perfect for people who iron less frequently or don’t have as much money to spend. However, it’s not as appealing to the eye. The Sensixx’x heats up rather quickly and has a 40 g/min continuous steam output that easily handles most stubborn textiles. It also has an easy-glide Ceranium-glasses soleplate with a precise tip. Additionally, it has a great three-stage anti-calc system and an easy-to-fill 320ml water reservoir to prevent scaly outbursts.

best steam irons

5.     PHILIPS PerfectCare Elite GC9630/20 Steam Generator Iron

The 8000 Series pales significantly in contrast to the Perfectcare Elite. However, this older and far less expensive Philips steam generator is still an impressive performer. Steam is continuously produced at a high pressure of 135 g/min from the substantial, replaceable 1.8-litre water tank. The iron component of the outfit glides over clothing like an air hockey puck. It is as delicate and stylish as the pump is substantial and professional. The button-fired 470g steam boost can flatten even the strongest fibres.

best steam irons

The Philips PerfectCare technology flattens everything from silk to denim without temperature settings and does not require a temperature adjustment.

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